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El 29 de Julio Eduado Segura expone en Zagreb, Croacia

Eduardo Segura ingresa en el Foto Klub Zagreb Croacia como personalidad representativa de Sudamerica. Desde el 29 de Julio se expondran 35 fotografias de caracter documental y casi todas pertenecientes a series antologicas (Mexico,Uruguay,Brasil y Argentina) y otras de nueva factura realizadas en Europa.

Photography Exhibition
Eduardo Segura
Córdoba, Argentina

Fotoklub Zagreb Gallery, Ilica 29/3, Zagreb
From 29th July to 18th August 2008

Each country has several top photographers well known throughout the Globe. Argentina has its famous photographer - Eduardo Segura. In order to introduce you to Segura, we have to emphasize that he is the owner of SEGURA FINE ART GALLERY, established in 2001 in Parana Entre Rios, he is also a film director and a film maker, the author of two video films: Cuatro Piernas , 2002, and Que ha pasado los novios, 2004. In 1998 he has founded his own School of photography where he works as a teacher and a manager. Thanks to photography, as well as his Gallery and the School, Segura has became world known artist and promoter of photography.
Segura turned 42 this year, at the same time collecting 24 years of continuous photo performance. He became interested in photography as a very young man, when he was around 18. It was the actual beginning of his photographic career. While studying, he began to work as a photographer and as the photography teacher at various institutions in Argentina. He conducted many courses and workshops outside Argentina, gradually becoming a special for esthetics and new creative processes as well as antic processes and alternatives.
There is not a part of life in which Eduardo Segura's camera was unable to infiltrate. He has always been choosing themes of general importance, not only those interesting for his nationals, but also the ones that attract photography lovers from other countries and other Continents. So far he had more than 30 exhibitions in Argentina, Cuba, Italy, Mexico, Spain, France, Great Britain, USA and now in Croatia.
Segura gave, and still gives, a great contribution in functioning, developing and promoting photography as a technical and art discipline, especially as the director of Entre Rios Fototeca, and as the owner of the Gallery that hosted over 80 photographers from around the World.
He says he is an amateur and professional at the same time. An amateur -because the most of his images appeared as the result of an internal need and impetus, and professional - because he sells his photography, he promotes and teaches, in a fact he lives from it. He has started to sell his art work 15 years ago. He is not a member of any Association, although he has been invited to join the Foundation "South-east photography home" from Mexico, and has been named Official Representative of the Latin American Photography Fund's in South America.
While discussing his choices and meaning of his motives, we can stress that he basically fallows his own intuition. Sometimes it's working action; other times static elements and poetic ideas, a documentary interview, a naked, a pilot process, and so on. Segura's visual stimuli are related to the movies and music, his other passion, trying to interrelate it as a whole audiovisual language -analog or digital.
At this exhibition Segura is introduced by 35 B&W images chosen from his exuberant documentary and reportage fundus, representing an Argentinean every-day situations, segments of frozen moments, good composed and graphically edited photography. While shooting he was aware he was making a document of the time, a document of the world and of himself. That way he has accomplished to preserve numerous life scenes that radiate strength and authenticity in the best photographic manner and tradition, starting from European Magnums to, present called, New Documentary.
We can freely say that Segura posses an exquisite talent for extracting the essence from his surrounding, transforming it into astonishing images. At the same time he stays faithful to his principles: to show what is caught by his eye, by his emotion, revealed behind everyday sediment, unreachable and invisible to many people.
Only a few like him would "stop to see" to pay attention to its history, or to the people waiting, or to that street situation that will not come back....ever again. Historical documents that do not claim to explore the tribe Wichi from Salta or Tobas from Chaco, which are anthropology of daily life, customs and traditions of civilization which mutate every moment until resemble all civilizations, where one loses the sense of the individual to reach the mass covering the quality with its quantity.
Through his images Eduardo Segura saves those anonymous people who have built their places, their cultures, their cities. His gaze rests on the rivers that are drying, in the artesian work of fishermen. He invites us to reflect in what kind of world we want to live, what kind of life and affects quality we want to have. In his images what is small becomes big, small gestures that are vital, one by one people dreams....but dreams destined to disappear into today's world voracity.
For Eduardo Segura photography is an art, a document and a media that gives great possibilities for creative work. His first images were based on the strictly elaborated plans, and so are today. They are not avant-garde, modern or trendy images. He antagonizes today globalization which tends to unify the taste, esthetic trends, fashion and culture, by crushing and destroying cultural memory of every single individual, every place, society and country. We can find similar trends in Argentina and Korea (given as the example of "globalization without borders"). Artists often accept this process by inertia, absorbing the ways which do not belong to them, losing their own.
Segura states that Buenos Aires possesses distant and different reality from the rest of his Country, the one reflecting through his art expression. He also regrets that Argentina spends rather small amount of the state budget on the culture and art, that many artists accept only modern art and do not accept anything autochthonic, Argentinean, deeply traditional, South American.
Vinko Šebrek

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Raq... dijo...

Qué fuerte Maestro!
La verdad es que te lo merecé un pequeño regalo que te da la vida por tanto esfuerzo y amor que le ponés a tu trabajo y a cada obra que creas.
Esta posibilidad de exponer tan lejos de tu patria es una prueba que uno puede lograr esas cosas que se propone...cumplir esos sueños que están dentro nuestro.
La escencia es siempre ir hacia adelante y aunque nos caigamos mil y una nos levantaremos...pues la vida no te dice nada, te enseña todo...


Palmas dijo...

Mucha suerte Edu !!!!

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